Day 25: A Prayer for Strength

- Day 25 -
A Prayer for Strength

Psalm 46:1

Father, I know that many may go back to what was comfortable, and was familiar in idolatry, in words, thoughts, and actions. I ask in the name of YAHshua (Jesus) that You strengthen each one of us, for we are ravaged by the enemy daily. We put up with so much that we might not even be aware of, but our minds, our spirits, our emotions, and our bodies get worn, and we act in ways that are reacting to the constant pounding of the defilement around us.

YAHveh (LORD), remind us in situations and entanglements and every part of life that if we submit to You and we resist the enemy, he will flee and we will have Your favor. There is no excuse to continue to embrace the traps of the enemy, the many traps that are being set before us. The enemy waits to rub his hands together hoping for us to fall prey.

Father, may we be strong in You. I plead the redeeming blood of YAHshua Messiah upon each reader and may our minds, emotions, and bodies be so in tune with the Spirit You have given us. Allow our feet to not take us in paths that are not of You. We cannot allow our hands to perform things that would be an abomination to You, we cannot allow our eyes to gaze at things that are defiled, we can not allow our mouths to speak words that are abominable, and we can not allow our minds to think thoughts that are secretively hideous.

Father, I pray for righteousness to pour down upon our hearts now, giving us the strength to tear down our idols. Father, we might be overwhelmed with something that is too hard, too complicated, and seemingly impossible by our own strength, but nothing is impossible for those who trust in You. Father, I don’t care what the sin is, whether it is the sin of temptation, or the idol of worldly possessions, the sin of covetousness, greed, self serving, or jealousies− whatever needs wholehearted repentance and merciful cleansing of Your blood, it has to come down.

YAHveh, I know in my heart days will come that will change this world, turning it upside down. People will be in dismay and turmoil and cry out, “What do we do?” Their own understanding, their own strength, resources, and good ideas will not save and protect them. YAHshua (Jesus) said, "For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake, he is the one who will save it” (Luke 9:24).

We are to be prepared for YAHshua’s return, and may we not be in abominable places doing disgraceful things on the day our Messiah comes for us. YAHveh (LORD), help us to have our lamps prepared and ready, may we not be caught short on oil, may we not be caught out in the cold with our Messiah saying, “I don’t know who you are.” May that not happen. Father, we cannot fool You, we cannot mock You, and we cannot deceive You. For You are the great I AM. You have created heaven and earth; You have created the universe and who are we, as these little specks of life, to think that we are smarter than You! YAHveh, I pray for Your blessing upon these coming days, that we will truly be representatives of You. Thank You, Holy One—we honor You.