Day 63: Arm Yourself for Battle & Fear Not

- Day 63 -
Arm Yourself for Battle & Fear Not

Joshua 5:14

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YAHveh (the LORD) says to us: Do not concern yourselves with earthly affairs. The earth will be transformed into a battlefield. Arm yourselves for battle. Quickly, quickly, quickly—take family and little ones and come quickly into the ark of safety! It is a time of preparation to endure to the end, to maneuver for the survival of all your family. Stay so near to Me.

Come and gather together and listen to the instruction I am going to give you. Others will see My hand on your life by the way in which you are enduring victoriously and it will bring hope. The weight of My presence and power upon you will give hope to others. Me in you, is the hope of glory for them. They will ask, “What shall we do to be saved?” I will be lifted up as your light shines so brightly that all will be drawn to it.

 As soldiers fighting in camouflage, in the thickets, have eyes to see and ears to hear the encroaching enemy, so I will give to you eyes to see and ears to hear so you will be able to fight this good fight and battle. Nothing you have learned of in the past will be adequate, it will be found in My presence for you to overcome and be found faithful. I will give you eyes to see in the dark. Things hidden will be clear and visible so you can navigate in these days. I will direct you away from land mines, pits, and enemy tactics.

Consider what belongs on the dung heap, as you are to be drawing closer to YAHshua (Jesus) to know Him in righteousness and His sufferings attaining to His resurrection to share in His glory. Stay close to Me, I know the way, I alone know the way. Cling to Me for I alone know the way of escape. Others will follow and be safe. Keep your eyes on Me, ears pinned to know “This is the way, walk in it.” Lead others out of harm’s way. I am entrusting souls of many to My elect. Your obedience will bring salvation; you will be a light in a dark place. Obedience will exceed words and deeds.

 I am not giving you a spirit of fear; I, YAHveh, give you a Spirit of power, My power within you. It will be released in and through My chosen elect. People’s hearts will fail for fear. This covering from above will be manifested for My glory. Seek Me for the courage, empowering of My Spirit, and the wisdom to choose what is My will to overcome what is camouflaged as My will. You must have wisdom and discernment to perceive My perfect will. You will see what I want you to see, you will hear what I want you to hear. Others will see and hear and they will follow.

This is the chain of command—this is the call from our Commander-in-Chief, our marching orders. You are to live in His kingdom; may He magnify to you great and mighty things that you have not known. The things of this world are passing. All kingdoms will be swallowed up in the kingdom in which YAHveh (the LORD) is King.


I lay my life upon Your altar, to be dead to what the entire world would try to offer, and alive in wholeheartedness to You, YAHshua. This is a time of my consecration and commitment to You alone. May Your Spirit, YAHshua, battle and tear down any demonic wiles that are spun around me. YAHveh, I beseech You, to get rid of all the networking of the enemy that is trying to trap, ensnare, or wear me down. I pray You will clear my path of all works of darkness. May Your blood, YAHshua (Jesus), cleanse me of all the evil one’s residue. May it wash and purify me, bringing a fresh mantle, white linen, new armor more fortified and strong to advance against the weaponry of the evil kingdom.

I know I am not to get reinvolved in civilian affairs. I am to keep my eyes upon the One who is the glory and lifter of my head, You my Commander-in-Chief. I will march in synchrony and Your VICTORY. Faithful are You, YAHveh, to cause me to triumph over my enemies. May You seal me hermitically so there will be no air pockets that can get into my armor. May You suit me to live in the Spirit, so nothing of this world, or this world’s enemy, can get in. YAHveh thank You for preparing me to do mighty exploits through my yielded members.