Day 64: Have Pure Lips, Eyes That See, & Ears That Hear

- Day 64 -
Have Pure Lips, Eyes That See, & Ears That Hear

Isaiah 6:5

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As we have been emphatically stating throughout this devotional, “It is the time to seek YAHveh and to work out our salvation.” We want to be ready when He comes for His holy redeemed bride and people. The Almighty Creator is going to pour out judgments in the days ahead. It is time to make haste, to redeem the time that is left. We are not to be unwise but wise as we make the most of every opportunity. We are also to make every single effort to put into action the death of the flesh so that the life of YAHshua (Jesus) is being lived in and through us, even if it costs us our lives on this earth.

“Lift up your voice”, Isaiah 58:1 says, “like a shofar and shout loudly to My people regarding their sin nature.” Our sin nature is called the flesh. We are called to live supernaturally in the Spirit. This is very difficult to get to, only YAHveh (the LORD) can do it. It requires our willingness to die to the flesh and all the ramifications of pleasing others, self, and not feeling awkward and peculiar, and all the things the flesh hates. It is complete and utter demolition and death to our carnal nature. What does the Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit) do? He convicts us of our sin and makes us aware, through His righteousness, of the judgments that are coming on unrighteousness.

YAHshua (Jesus) gave His life as a sacrifice so we could live, not just eternally but in His Presence and Spirit now. We are to pour out our lives unto death as an offering that others can live. They will see YAHshua in and through us. We are dying to our flesh not just to be spiritual supernatural beings, but death is at work in us so that others can live: “So death works in us, but life in you” (2 Corinthians 4:12). Others cannot live if they are not touched by the reality of the only One who has the words of life. We are to speak His words of life and truth, filled with His Spirit, which is love—exemplifying Him, so they see YAHshua.

Like YAHshua (Jesus) most of us are going to be persecuted unto death. The flesh cannot stand this message because it knows we are destined to the slaughter. I do not mean because of the possible beheadings down the road, or the sword, or captivity that YAHshua said some would go into (Revelation 13:10). Not that. It is the here-and-now dying to our carnal nature. I do not see one thing about YAHshua (Jesus) teaching us how to maintain our comfort zones. It is about getting rid of every comfort zone. We are to live, breathe, and have our entire identity, citizenship, and being in the Spirit. That is where the comfort is, in Him.

All the repercussions of dying to the flesh and living in the Spirit of Truth will bring discomfort, which is great because it brings a mortification of our flesh. This is the real walk, but very few want to go through the death pains. Do you really desire to give up and forsake everything and die completely to your fleshy nature? Will you go willingly to a martyr’s death, if need be, for the sake of your great King because you are of His kingdom and not of this world?

You are left here to represent YAHshua (Jesus), as He was here to represent YAHveh (the LORD). You are a citizen of the King’s kingdom. This is not your home down here on earth. His Spirit wants to live through you and speak the language of truth that will set people free and will glorify the King of Glory—the King of Righteousness, whose kingdom is the Home of Righteousness.

All the things that seem so important are only important as they come forth by the Spirit of Truth living in and through you. The Bible teaches you everything you need to know and it teaches you the language of truth. Isaiah saw YAHveh and said, “Woe is me, for I am ruined! Because I am a man of unclean lips…” (Isaiah 6:5), this is where we should be. Our mouths speak lies, by virtue of the fact that they are not words by the Spirit of Truth. How can you stand in the Presence of a holy Elohim (God) who says you are going to have to give an account of every idle word you have spoken? An idle word is every meaningless word that does not line up to the Scripture and has no weight for eternal glory or purpose.


LORD I pray You open my understanding in the spiritual realm beyond what I have seen before. May I peer into things that are hidden that You delight to reveal to me. May You open my ears that I will hear what the Spirit is saying to me personally. May You touch my eyes, touch my ears, set me free from encumbrances that hinder me from moving and breathing and having my being in the Spirit.

Father in Heaven, thank You for speaking about dying to my carnal nature so that You can live and speak through me. Forgive me, YAHveh, for the ways I use my mouth. It is unholy and I am a person of unclean lips. It doesn’t matter if I have never spoken a profanity, I know that is not what it is. It is the difference from that which is from Your Spirit and that which is from my flesh. So, I am asking You to help me learn to extract the precious from the worthless, not by my might or power but by Your Spirit, so I would speak according to Your word.

YAHveh, Your word says, “To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because they have no dawn” (Isaiah 8:20). May I heed Your Torah, Your Commandments, and Your word. And may I speak so that Your light will flood as a river of life in and through me to others. I pray many will come and drink and walk in the light of Your truth that will usher them on the highway of holiness. YAHshua (Jesus), I reflect on what You have done for me, as the precious Lamb of YAHveh, and may I be found pure, spotless, blameless, and holy doing Your will according to Your words. And may I be unashamed on that day I stand before You. In YAHshua’s name.