Day 97: Life is at Work in You

- Day 97 -
Life is at Work in You

2 Corinthians 4:12

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YAHveh (LORD), I praise and thank You for the blood of the Lamb that has made entrance into Your holy Presence an eternal gift for me, Your redeemed child. YAHveh, You knew from eternity’s threshold who would be Yours and would surrender all to You. Thank You for the unity and oneness of heart the members of Your body have with YAHshua (Jesus) as our head. I ask that Your kingdom be manifested to me. Make it so brilliant, real, and overwhelmingly enticing to get my focus off this world. All I want to do is look at You and the kingdom that You have prepared for me. May I have great hope and unspeakable joy as I wait for You to take me as Your bride over the threshold into Your eternal Presence and kingdom. HalleluYAH for the utmost privilege that I am not left in this world.

By Your Spirit, I have counted the cost to come out of this world’s system and to follow YAHshua (Jesus) who went outside of the camp to suffer. I will count the cost over and over again to leave everything—mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, children, lands, houses, whatever You ask, to follow You. You are my Reward—my heart, soul, mind, spirit, and every fiber of my being is getting in alignment of wanting You more than life itself. This is a work of the Spirit transforming me from glory to glory until life swallows up death. Eternal life, the imperishable, is swallowing up the perishable. I am dying daily to myself moment by moment.

Let death be at work in me so that the life of YAHshua is seen, heard, and manifested in full array of glory, in and through my words, deeds, and countenance. Then others will see that not only have I been with You, but that You live in me. Your light will shine so brightly in this world where gross darkness is hovering and Satan is taking over, for my brethren and I are called to arise to new heights in the Spirit where Your glory exists in power and might. Encapsulate me in the light of Your glorious transforming Presence. I thank You for pouring out such power in these last days that others who come in contact with YAHshua in Your people will be changed.

Your Presence will live mightily in and through me as I put my flesh to death. I am to be crucified to the world and the world is to be crucified to me. I am to cling to nothing of this perishing, doomed world. I am freed from my wretched flesh and its sin nature that leads to death through the blood of YAHshua the Passover Lamb that covers my repentant hearts. I am to bear the identity and very presence of YAHshua, the Savior of the world, who put His Spirit in me as a deposit, guaranteeing that my name is written in His book and that I am His own beloved treasured possession now and into all eternity.