Day 89: More than Conquerors

- Day 89 -
We Are More than Conquerors Through Him Who Loved Us

Romans 8:37

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Light is rising upon us even now in the name of YAHshua, to the glory of YAHveh, whose light dispels the darkness. The molecules of darkness are deadly. They are poison; they are from the prince of darkness. They have nothing to do with the Prince of Light, Peace, and Joy. The molecules of darkness have a magnetic pull. We are not to have anything to do with what is dark. We are to keep our eyes on what is light, the Father of lights, who gives good and perfect gifts to His children (James 1:17).

We are in the school of preparation, separation, and transformation from glory to glory to bring His light, truth, and love to a lost and dying world.

Every word that is spoken is yes and so be it from our King. It is His will and good pleasure to transform us into His image (2 Corinthians 4:4) that we will live forever with Him and represent Him while we are still on earth. Then others will see the manifestation of His light, glory, truth, and love in and through a remnant who has already experienced death to themselves; that there is no more death that awaits them.

What pertains to this world system does not pertain to the citizens of YAHveh’s kingdom, of which we are citizens, and are registered to represent and bring it at hand. We are to manifest it so that others can see it and want the King of kings. May we be very vigilant not to fall into the attitudes of the carnal nature and the things that so easily beset humanity. We are to keep our eyes set on YAHshua (Jesus) who is lifting us high above this world to sit in heavenly places with Him (Ephesians 2:6). There we will receive fresh instruction and the imbibing of His Spirit’s power to be more than conquerors (Romans 8:37) in these last days.

Prayer: Father, thank You for calling me to come and sit at Your feet—and there I pray You deposit more of the aptitude of YAHshua (Jesus) into my mind and heart. Thank You for the incomparable privilege, honor, unspeakable joy, and glory that transforms me every time I come into Your Presence. You are giving me instructions and clarifying what You are doing, that I might understand the move of Your Spirit in and through me. You are taking the very molecules of my being that cannot be destroyed and are in the process of making them into the eternal and imperishable.