Day 92: No One Who Looks Back is Fit for the Kingdom of God

- Day 92 -
No One Who Looks Back is Fit for the Kingdom of God

Luke 9:62

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YAHveh (the LORD) wants to wipe us clean of every residue of carnality and worldliness and make us into supernatural, set-apart creations. The clarity and the vividness of YAHshua (Jesus) is seen like a hologram dimension on all sides. Blessed are those who are being called out of darkness into the eternal light of our great King.

Don’t turn back—keep running, moving by the Spirit that bears His name and is leading you out of this doomed world and the judgments that are soon to pour forth in unprecedented magnitude and immensity. YAHshua said, “Do not look back” (Genesis 19:17; Luke 9:62). Don’t hold on to one thing−to anything. We are to hold on to nothing but Him.

Soon there will be nothing left and you will have already released and relinquished every affection and hold that the world has on you, and you won’t be misdirected. A little more time, a little way down, it is all desolation—and you are being firmly established in His kingdom. There is a great refiner’s fire coming for those who are having difficulty making this transition from the earth into the Spirit. A great refiner’s fire, launder’s soap is coming, for only then will there be offerings in righteousness from lives that are solely conformed to the image of YAHshua (Jesus).

Prayer: Thank You, Father, for the spiritual things that are revealed. They are foolishness to the carnal mind; but you have given me the mind of YAHshua (1 Corinthians 2:16), by which I can ascertain and comprehend what the Spirit is saying to me in these last hours.

May I be high, high above a world that is under siege and soon to become as nothing. Let the light of Your glorious countenance rise and shine mightily upon me so that there is no darkness left in my life. May I be firmly translated, transfixed, transported into Your kingdom, established there, never to leave for eternity. HalleluYAH!