Day 91: Walk by the Spirit

- Day 91 -
Walk by the Spirit

Galatians 5:16

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Nothing of this earth will come to anything except destruction and desolation. Nothing will come to any fruition other than what is born of His Spirit, for His purpose, and His glory. Transfer all your assets into His kingdom.

Transfer all of your assets out of this earth so you can share Your Father’s joy over the dividends that His called-out, chosen, elect are bringing into His Presence and kingdom. The imperishable must swallow up the perishable, carnal nature; it must be completely crucified so the life of YAHshua (Jesus) can be lifted up through us, as He calls men and women unto Himself.

Every stronghold, fetter, preoccupation, and mindset that is of this world is being shattered, destroyed, and dissolved in YAHshua’s name. HALLELUYAH! It is not us who live—it is YAHshua who lives in us (Galatians 2:20). We are to walk not by our might or power, because that does not exist any longer, we are giving it up, putting it on the dung heap—we will walk by the Spirit as YAHshua (Jesus) walked. He will walk in and through us, leading and guiding us as we reflect Him in word and deed. We are to represent Him as wise stewards in this world with everything that He has invested in us for His glory, kingdom, and the souls of all.

We will know those who are His by the Spirit just as we are known. From the North and the South, the East and the West, those who are of His Spirit are hearing His voice. We are being called in a consolidation of oneness with YAHshua for the same purpose for which we been called to manifest Him in these last hours.

Prayer: Father, we pray for the true remnant, the called-out, and chosen, that You would destroy every carnal pull of this world. We pray for those who are dead to the flesh and alive in the Spirit as citizens of Your kingdom. The ones that are being set apart, prepared, and trained to go forth as an army into battle against the powers of darkness that hold the inhabitants of this earth captive. May Your remnant, chosen from the foundation of this earth, be set FREE. We pray they, as well as we, will be prepared in Your Presence and be transformed from glory to glory in these last hours as light-bearers, truth-bearers, love-bearers. We pray for the remnant who is being gathered up to You to be taught by You.

YAHveh says, “They shall be Mine eternally for My holy and noble purposes.”