Holiness & Repentance

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The Day of Reckoning

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Be Ready, Waiting, & Wise

Run & Never Look Back

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Overcoming Idolatry

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Come Out of Her My People

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Suffering with YAHshua

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Judgements Are Coming

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The Cleansing of Apostasy

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The Great Falling Away

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Additional Audio Messages

A Faith That Will Not Falter

Listen to powerful messages that will help you have a faith that never falters and a perseverance that endures to the end.

Holiness & Repentance

Dive into messages on living righteous, holy, and uncompromised lives, ensuring your dedication to Yahveh is unwavering.  

The Name of God | YAHveh

Unlock the truth on the original name of the Elohim of Israel - the holy, divine, and powerful name of YAHveh Almighty.

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Fisher's of Men

Learn how to become true fishers of men that feed our Savior's flock and lead others to eternal salvation in our Savior Yahshua.

Feast of Dedication

Dive into a powerful message on the Feast of Dedication, teaching how to be holy by cleansing your heart of sin and apostasy.

Feast of Trumpets

Listen to truth revealing messages on Yom Teruah and hear our Elohim's mighty trumpet sound calling you higher.

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Yom Kippur

Become one new man in our Savior and Messiah by purifying your hearts with his powerful and redeeming sacrificial blood.

Feast of Tabernacles

Uncover new meaning around the Feast of Tabernacles, including beautiful weavings of Old and New Testament truths.

Founder's Testimony

Listen to Terrye G. Seedman's testimony and the tumultuous yet inspiring journey leading to her salvation in Messiah.

Video Messages