Ask for Mercy, Grace, & Deliverance

Ask for Mercy & Grace

“YAHveh, Hear My Prayer, Listen to My Cry for Mercy” Psalm 143:1

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I praise You, Father in heaven, that every good and perfect gift comes from You. The prophets were sent as a merciful provision. Their words are a gift to all who have ears to hear and hearts willing to respond. I pray YAHveh (LORD), that I do not miss what You have been saying and that I do not forget what I have heard.

Father in heaven, I have been ensnared by the enemy in many and various things in this life that I am just passing through. In the name, power, and authority of YAHshua (Jesus), I pray that You begin to release the strongholds in my mind and everything that rises up against the knowledge of You and Your immutable word. I pray that I will start to take those things captive to the obedience of YAHshua (Jesus) so that I will not be veering to the right or to the left of Your plumb line of truth. I pray that I will begin to diligently search Your word.

YAHveh, You are calling me to come out of this world. You are calling me out of everything that is not made by You. Father, the time is late. Those things that were acceptable are going to become a detriment to me. I need to come out of everything that is not beneficial. You want all my ways and deeds to be beneficial and done for Your glory.

YAHshua (Jesus), I thank You that You are coming soon! You are warning and pleading with me to get my wick trimmed. To get all sin out of my life. To get out everything that deludes me, is prideful, stubborn, rebellious, self-justifying, and a preoccupation. I pray in the name of YAHshua that You start freeing me. HaMashiach (the Anointed One), free me from everything that ensnares and deceives me! Give me ears to hear and eyes to see. Thank You, Father. Let me respond to Your voice and follow You into Your kingdom, leaving everything behind. Everything. Throwing it, casting it into the dung heap, in the name of YAHshua (Jesus).

Bless me with more of YOU, more of Your word sinking deeply into the soil of my heart to bring forth a harvest of righteousness for Your namesake and glory. Thank You for Your angelic host that helps me and all Your children. Your word says they are messengers that wait upon and serve all that await salvation. I need all the help that You have provided and so I am asking for it. I want to run and finish this race, enduring and overcoming by the power of the Spirit to the end. To be MORE, MORE, MORE than a conqueror through YAHshua HaMashiach (Anointed One) my Messiah and Redeemer who lives in me and strengthens me!

 YAHveh (LORD), I am sorry. Let a spirit of sorrowful repentance fall upon me. Father, I don’t think I am standing firm, because, YAHveh, I am humbled. You are humbling me that You might lift me up in due time. Continue to humble me. Thank You, YAHveh, that You are preparing me to be ready, waiting, and wise. In the name of YAHshua (Jesus) I praise You for this. Thank You, Father, for the power of YAHshua’s blood that washes over me and gets rid of the stench of my flesh. Bring me to a place of repentance that appropriates the blood from Your mercy seat. May it pour out over me, to cleanse, consecrate, and adorn me in fine, white, righteous linen. How I thank You YAHshua (Jesus) for the merciful provision of Your atoning blood!

Don’t let me go back from where I came. Let me continue on. You are calling me to come up higher as You called John the Revelator with the sound of the shofar saying, “Come up higher, come up higher, that I might show you what is to take place.” YAHveh (LORD) You are calling me. The sound of the shofar has gone forth again; You do not want me to be caught off guard and YAHshua (Jesus) come like a thief in the night. No, He is not going to be a thief to me. I am not going to be caught off guard. I am going to be ready and joyfully waiting in expectation for You, the One I love and hope for. YAHshua, I thank You that You will finish the work You have begun in me until the day of Your return. HalleluYAH (Praise be to YAH)!

The priestly blessing is a gift from YAHveh: May “YAHveh bless you my dear brother or sister, and keep you; YAHveh make His face shine on you, and be gracious to you; YAHveh lift up His countenance on you, and give you peace” [shalom] (Numbers 6:24-26).