Light of the Night

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Light of the Night | Piano Album
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Declare The Praises Of Him Who Has Called You Out Of The Darkness Into His Wonderful Light

Light of the Night is an instrumental album comprised of spiritually moving and evocative piano compositions. It is designed to usher the listener into spiritual worship and close communion with the Almighty. The ultimate theme of this album is that the Almighty is longing for all of us to come out of the darkness of this world and into the light of His presence where He is waiting to pour down his unfathomable loving-kindness upon us. Indeed, He is our light in this dark world - He is our light of the night! His grace is sufficient because He promises to love you for now and always. Reciprocate that love, run to him, and come up higher by leaving the darkness of this world and ascending into his glorious light of righteousness and holiness. The world and all its desires will become a faint memory as you come out of the darkness and into the light where he is waiting to bless and restore your soul! This album’s theme stems from our Savior’s mighty words, where he proclaimed: “I am the light of the world – whoever follows me will never walk in darkness” (John 8:12). Simply, the Almighty is calling you right now to come out of the darkness (this world) and into his wonderful light (His presence). We must all be children of the light for if we are in the LORD we are a new creatures – creatures that are not ordained to be in darkness (1 Thessalonians 5:5). Indeed, our God is the “The Light that shines through the darkness and the darkness can never extinguish it” (John 1:5). As the Psalmists said, “the Almighty keeps my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light and brings his people out of darkness” (Psalm 18:28, Psalm 107:14). Yes, he is our light, strength, and protection in this dark world - He is our light of the night! Light of the Night has been composed and performed exclusively for It’s Midnight Ministries and includes the following 12 songs: (1) Light of the Night, (2) Music Box Interlude, (3) High Places, (4) Four Winds, (5) The Dawn Ascending, (6) Freedom’s Voice, (7) Morning Star, (8) Genesis, (9) Victory’s Hope, (10) The Sojourner’s Song, (11) Jubilee, and (12) Runaway Rhapsody. Light of the Night is a collection of spiritually inspired classically crossover piano compositions. Each song has been handcrafted to usher the listener into spiritual worship and close communion with the Almighty. This album is ideal for private worship with the Almighty, self-reflection, or background music during prayer, reading, or sleep.

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Music Videos & Teachings

Stay With Me

Our Savior will never leave us or forsake us. Indeed, if we are faithless He remains faithful because his love endures forever.

On Eagle’s Wings

Those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles and run and not grow weary.

Above & Beyond

No eye has seen and no human mind has imagined everything the Almighty has prepared for those who love Him.

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No Matter What

Nothing will separate us from the love of God; for as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is His love towards us.

It’s Midnight

Be ready for the coming of the Kingdom - be ready for the coming of the King. Our Savior cometh; be ready, waiting and wise!

Morning Star

Our Savior is our bright Morning Star and He stands at the door and knocks. Open your heart and life to His everlasting love.

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Come Out of the Darkness

Our Savior is the light of the world. Whoever follows Him will never walk in darkness but rather in His glorious light.

Together Forever

Our Messiah died for us so that we may live with him forever. Yes, we will dwell with our King and Savior together forever.

Turning Point

In all our ways acknowledge the Almighty for He alone makes our paths straight and gives us victory at every step in life.

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So Hard to Say Goodbye

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son that whoever believes in Him shall have eternal life.

You’ll Never Be Alone

No one can fathom the Almighty’s love as his love surpasses knowledge. Yes, you’re never alone for He is always with you.

So Far Away

Our Savior loves us so abundantly that He gave His life so that we who were once so far away as the prodigal son may be saved.

Run With the Wind

Hope in the LORD and He will renew your strength with the power of His spirit so that you can run and not grow weary.

It’s About Time

It’s about time to know about time. Yes, be ready, waiting, and wise because our Savior will return at an unexpected hour.

Hear My Cry

The Almighty longs to hear and answer the cry of His people for His heart’s desire is for all to be saved by His mighty hand.