Teachings & Devotionals

A Collection of Life Changing Teachings, Devotionals, & Message

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Daily Awakenings

Read our blog that has daily teachings to help you grow, morning by morning, in your spiritual walk with our Savior.

100 Day Devotional

Read a weekly devotional of 100 teachings that will help you grow in the knowledge, faith, and power of our Savior.

Faith: 2 Week Study

Read a two week devotional that will help you have a faith that never falters and a  perseverance that endures to the end.

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Added Treasures

Read biblical based devotionals and extended teachings that will increase your faith, spiritual walk, and strength.

Prayers & Intercession

Envelop yourself in prayers that will freshen your soul and bring you to new spiritual, mental, and emotional heights.

Feasts of Israel

Learn about the Feasts of Israel like never before while uncovering the truth and fulfillment of our salvation in Messiah. 

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Give Yahveh His Due

Dive into an intense eight chapter study on drawing closer to the Almighty and the power of His name, YAHveh Almighty.

The Ten Commandments

Learn why we cannot have a relationship with the most high, in an unconsecrated, sin-ridden, commandment breaking form.

Additional Devotionals

Browse our teachings, devotionals, and acclaimed book Holy to Holy, all of which will bring you closer to our Savior.