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It’s Midnight Ministries - Theme Song & Mission

It’s Midnight Ministries is a global non-profit organization that focuses on unlocking Biblical truths, reestablishing holiness, and upholding righteousness to draw you closer to the Almighty in this late hour. We have been faithfully serving the global Messianic and Christian communities for over thirty years. We focus on unlocking prophetic mysteries and Biblical knowledge that have been hidden for many years. However, we believe awareness alone is not enough to ensure righteousness before a holy God. Simply, we believe awareness is the gateway to righteous living. As such, our teachings, writings, and videos focus on redefining how we should interpret Biblical truths to ensure one has a real relationship with the Almighty. In turn, our goal is to help all who are eager how to not only have a close relationship with our King but also how to be holy and righteous in the sight of our soon-coming Savior YAHshua (Jesus). Accordingly, a key question we pose and help you answer is the following: “Are you ready and waiting for our soon coming Savior?” We believe the hour is late as it's nearly midnight. Indeed, and according to our Savior’s words in Matthew, all of us should be ready, waiting, and wise because our bridegroom and savior cometh at midnight (Matthew 24:44, 25:13). With great joy we can help each of you confidently say that you’ll be there for the coming of the kingdom - yes, you can say you’ll be there for the coming of the King!

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What We Believe

- Key Mission Themes & Beliefs -

We believe the hour is late and that our Savior YAHshua (Jesus) is returning soon. We must all be ready for the coming of the King because it is almost midnight.

We believe that YAHshua (Jesus) is our Savior and that salvation and forgiveness of sin comes through Him. Our King and Savior died so that we might live!

We believe in the Old and New Testament and that salvation is meant for both Jew and Gentile. Indeed, salvation has no bias as we are all one new man in our Messiah!

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Daily Awakenings

Read our blog that has daily teachings to help you grow, morning by morning, in your spiritual walk with our Savior.

Holy to Yahveh

Learn about this life changing book that will draw you closer to the Almighty while uncovering Old & New Testament truths.

Feasts of Israel

Learn about the Feasts of Israel like never before while uncovering the truth and fulfillment of our salvation in Messiah.

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Video Messages

Watch and listen to life-changing video teachings and messages from acclaimed author and speaker Terrye G. Seedman.

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Listen to audio teachings, covering topics from holiness to the Feasts of Israel, all of which will draw you closer to our Saviour.


Shop our devotionals, teachings and acclaimed book Holy to Yahveh, all of which will bring you closer to our Savior.

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Ten Commandments

Unearth new meaning behind the Ten commandments and learn to become holy, consecrated, and righteous to Yahveh.


Read daily and weekly devotionals that will help you grow in the knowledge, faith, and power of our Savior.

Seminars & Bookings

Are you ready for our Savior's return? Do you want a closer relationship with Him? Contact us regarding our seminar options.

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About Us

Learn about our mission, our calling to Jew and Gentiles alike, and our mighty commission from our Elohim and Savior.


Listen to our exclusive music intended to usher the listener into spiritual worship and close communion with the Almighty.


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