The Feast of Dedication | Hanukkah

- Dedicate Yourselves to Yahveh for He has Delivered Us from the Bondage of Sin -

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The story of Hanukkah centers around Antiochus IV Epiphanes' desecration of the temple and the head on confrontation between Hellenism and Judaism.  Hanukkah means dedication.  The feast of Hanukkah is so named because it commemorates the reconsecration and rededication of the temple of YAHveh after it was desecrated by the Enemy through the obsessive attempt to annihilate the Jewish faith and people.  Although there is no description of Hanukkah in the Scriptures, it remains the most historically documented of all Jewish holy days.  YAHshua recognized and celebrated this momentous occasion.  (Read John 10:22) Antiochus IV Epiphanes hated the God of the Jews, His people, the Holy Scriptures (the Tenach/Old Testament), and the biblically ordained Hebrew customs.  His aim was to bring down the God of the Jews, His people, and His holy decrees, and to elevate the Greek god, customs, language, and religion.  He invaded the temple on Mount Zion.  He erected an idol of Zeus, the "supreme deity" of the Greeks, on the holy altar.  The idol of Zeus was fashioned with the very face of Antiochus, who considered himself to be the visible God.  After the swine was offered to Zeus on the altar of the Almighty's great temple in Jerusalem (Kislev [December] 25, 168 B.C.), Antiochus IV Epiphanes sprinkled the blood of the swine in the Holy of Holies and poured its broth over the sacred scrolls.  Then he proceeded to cut and burn them.  The nation of Israel was shocked, traumatized, and left appallingly desolate!

All Jewish people throughout the land were required to worship Zeus.  There could be no middle ground; the chosen people would either follow YAHveh and keep His holy ways, penalized with the brutal destruction of their lives, or compromise and adopt the Grecian customs.  Antiochus issued edicts against all Jewish observances and practices.  He hated the Sabbath and every holy mandate and biblical custom the Jews observed.  Because of Antiochus' anti-Semitic venom, any person found clinging to his or her beloved Jewish heritage jeopardized the lives of their entire family.

Many Jews fled to the wilderness; many suffered intensely under the anti-Semitic atrocities of Hellenism.  Thousands willingly lost their lives through horrendous tortures, in order to refrain from compromise and remain faithful to YAHveh, the true and living God.  These people stand as an inspiration and example of wholehearted allegiance and courageous faithfulness to all who seek righteousness in these last days.

Three years to the day after Antiochus' desecration of the temple (December 25, 165 B.C. or Kislev 25 in the Hebrew calendar), Judas Maccabee, (called the Maccabee, meaning hammer, for he was to hammer the enemy to pieces), with courage and dedication to the Almighty and his Hebrew heritage, led a small group of Jews in and extraordinary defeat of Antiochus and his fortified Greek/Syrian battalions.  The remnant of dedicated Jews refused to bow down to a pagan god and would rather have died than forsaken the pure worship of YAHveh, the Holy One of Israel. Some in that day preferred to live as Hellenized Jews and adopted many of the Grecian ways through compromise and assimilation.  This group willingly "forsook" (the Greek word means to "apostatize" or abandon) the holy covenant (1Maccabees 1:15).  But the majority of the Jews despised everything that was Grecian, including its pagan customs and language.  

As the temple was cleansed of all abominable Greek/pagan influences, so we as temples of the King of Kings must understand the prophetic implications that the Feast of Dedication has for us.  Whatever is grievous and desecrating in His sight, whatever would cause His presence to depart, must be acknowledged, repented of, and covered in the blood of YAHshua.  Our temples are to be reconsecrated individually and corporately as a body of believers.  We must have a true Hanukkah in order for YAHveh, the King of Glory, and His truths to be lifted up from the ground (Daniel 8:12) and exalted from beneath the deceptive, abominable spirit of Hellenization.

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A Prayer of Dedication

May the following words, be a prayerful inspiration to all who humbly seek His cleansing and reconsecration.  As in the days of Antiochus' defeat, our temples, hearts, minds, and bodies - must be cleansed and purified of all fleshly, worldly, and pagan influence. May the light of YAHshua's countenance begin to shine brightly as the Menorah, burning in the living temples of our hearts. May we be willing for the light of YAHshua to expose any darkness in our hearts and thoroughly cleanse us with His blood of any pagan defilement.  And may Messiah dedicate us to His Father as living temples and consecrated priests - Holy to YAHveh.

I praise You and thank You on this Feast of Dedication.  We rejoice in Your goodness, the goodness of the Living Creator who gave His only begotten Son and spilled His blood that we might have our sins covered and He will see our righteousness and welcome us into His holy presence.  Blessed is He YAHshua!  Blessed is He YAHshua the Messiah, the Redeemer, the Savior of our souls!  Blessed is He for He has come in the name of YAHveh Elohim, the Holy One of Israel, to wash away the sins of all mankind, Jew and Gentile, that together as "one new man" in Him, we will see His face and serve Him into all eternity. We will be as priests washed in the blood, consecrated in the blood, cleansed and purified and adorned with the righteousness of YAHshua.  Blessed are those who have pure hearts they see more and more of YAHveh.  

HalleluYAH!  We want to see Your face, HalleluYAH we want to draw close to Your presence.  It is not enough to know of You. It is not enough to know about You, to study about You, we want You. You alone are our exceedingly great reward. We want to be in Your presence, enveloped in Your presence, where You will teach us, You will lead us, and will conform us into the image of YAHshua, it is a work of Your Spirit.  It can not be done intellectually, it can not be done by religious tradition and doctrines, we must be in Your presence in order for this work to be accomplished by Your spirit for the advancement of Your will on earth as it is in heaven in and through each one of us.  It is Your good pleasure for Your namesake and Your exaltation of the mightiness of You on this earth.  

Mighty is the King, He is coming! He is coming and the whole world will acknowledge that He alone is the Savior, He alone is the Messiah, He alone is the King of Kings HalleluYAH, and the government shall rest eternally upon His shoulders! HalleluYAH, the governments of this world they are coming to an end and the government of Yahshua's holy kingdom is coming. It is coming and the Bride is making herself ready. The righteous are becoming more righteous, the holy are becoming more holy, yet the vile are becoming more vile, the carnal are becoming more carnal, the religious are becoming more religious.  The cry goes out, the sounding of the shofar from heaven, sounding the alarm in our ears to "come out of her My people and be thee separate" and be thee holy to YAHveh, for YAHveh is a holy Elohim (God) and calls us out through the precious blood of His Son to consecrate ourselves and make ready to ascend into His holy presence.  

YAHshua, You are so close, You say You are as close as our breath; You are so close You say to kiss the Son.  Kiss the Son, give Him your affections, your passion, kiss the Son!  Praise Him, let Him envelope you in His love and in that love we will love Him, through that love we will obey Him.  In obedience we will have more of Him.  With more of Him we will be changed more quickly from glory to glory.  Holy is He who has called us out of darkness into His great light.  HalleluYAH for the great light, we do not walk according to the ways of this world where there is darkness, we have been taken out of this darkness by His mercy and grace, to walk in His ways with His light! May you be as "those who have insight [who] shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of heaven, and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever" (Daniel 12:3)

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