The Biblical Spring Feasts

- YAHshua Our Messiah Fulfills the Spring Feasts & Grants Us Salvation -

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The three spring feasts, (1) Passover (Pesach) - Unleavened Bread, (2) First Fruits, and (3) Shavuot - Pentacost powerfully illustrate the truth and fulfillment of our salvation in Messiah. Indeed The depth of YAHveh’s (LORD’s) heart is expressed in the fulfillment of these biblical feasts that are outlined in Leviticus 23. The Almighty Creator says, “These are My appointed times and they are … a perpetual statute” (vv. 2,31). These are divine appointments by which YAHveh (the LORD) calls His people to meet with Him.  When He calls you can know for certain He will show up and bring a blessing to the obedient that come.

These feasts were not just to bless Israel to become a holy people with the privilege of meeting with Him on these Holy Days.  The focal point of every feast was the sacrificial altar covered with the blood of a sacrificed unblemished animal—a substitute whose blood would atone for their sins and give them peace and reconciliation with their holy God and Creator. These feasts were given to Israel as a preview of the ultimate sacrifice and how important that sacrifice is, for without the shedding of blood our sins separate us now and eternally from a holy Creator.  YAHveh gave us the blood to make atonement for our sins and the feasts point to that and they are fulfilled  “through the offering of the body of YAHshua Messiah (Jesus Christ) once for all” (Hebrews 10:10).  Therefore, every feast is most important and relevant to lead and draw both Jews and Gentiles who seek to know and behold YAHshua (Jesus) their Lamb.


The Feast of First Fruits

Shavuot - Pentecost

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- Redefining the Feasts of Israel Through the Ten Commandments -

Redefining the Feasts of Israel Through the Ten Commandments

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Want to learn even more about the Biblical Feasts of Israel? Check out Terrye G. Seedman's book "Redefining the Feasts of Israel Through the Ten Commandments." The Holy Days pivot around the Ten Commandments, these were appointed times to meet with Him that would help them to walk by His spirit’s leading in these Commandments.  Indeed, there would be no feasts if it was not for the Ten Commandments and the penalty of sin for not upholding them and there would be no need of Messiah.  The Ten Commandments point us to Him and YAHshua the schoolmaster points us to the truth so we can walk in a way worthy of everything that He has taught us to be.  “Not of the letter but of the Spirit.  For the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.” (2 Corinthians 3:6) This book unlocks truths from Yahveh's divine Ten Commandments to redefine the true meaning and fulfillment of the holy Feasts of Israel. Simply, the divinely appointed times, the feast days, pivot around the blood on the altar of sacrifice—on the mercy seat, for the forgiveness of sin and sin points us back to the Commandments. Therefore every feast is exalting the Commandments of YAHveh, exalting our Lamb who came and died because we can’t uphold the Commandments without His help.  They are inextricably linked. You can’t separate the feasts from the Commandments and you cannot separate the Lamb of God who is the ultimate fulfillment of the holy temple, priesthood, and the sacrificial system’s substitutionary sacrifice for our sin nature. Learn all of this and more in this powerful book about Yahveh's divine commandments and holy feasts.

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Passover | Pesach

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First Fruits

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Shavuot | Pentecost

Learn about Shavuot, including the divine indwelling of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) among men and the call to be holy.

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Yom Teruah
- The Feast of Trumpets -

Hear YAHveh crying out and blasting His shofar through this feast - asking all to hear His voice calling us up higher. 

Yom Kippur
- The Day of Atonement -

See Messiah's fulfillment as our High Priest, making atonement for us that our names may be written in the Book of Life.

- The Feast of Tabernacles -

Learn about the soon coming fulfillment of the coming messianic kingdom when YAHveh comes to tabernacle among men.