Day 1: The Stirring Up of Our Gifts

- Day 1 -
The Stirring Up of Our Gifts

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Yahshua is preparing a people for Himself, a people of faith, a people of righteousness, a people waiting for Him. They will do what pleases Him, using their gifts, their talents, their energies, and their life breath, for what is of eternal purpose. They are led by His spirit for the building up, advancement and the restoration of His holy kingdom.

They will be the ones who walk in obedience; whose hearts have the rich soil where He can deposit His pure seeds of truth. They will bear Him a bountiful harvest, a hundred fold of righteousness for His namesake and glory. They will praise and thank Him for He is continually the focus of their attention.

Yahveh desires to consume us with a passion for Him that is comparable to the passion He has for us. He will teach us to walk in His ways that we might delight His heart and that He might rejoice over us. He has invested in each one of us, multiple gifts, brought forth by the same Spirit. Each part is as important as the other, to supply what is lacking for the fullness of Yahshua to be made manifest on this earth.

By the power of His Spirit, “I pray for the stirring up of our gifts.” It is time to take what we have and invest it all into His kingdom. This can be done only by the power of His Spirit dwelling in us, if we willing put our flesh to the stake and allow the resurrected power of Yahshua to be manifested in and through us.  

There are many gifts that lie dormant in each and every one of us. These gifts have been used at times for common purposes; sometimes we barely recognize them, for they have rarely been used. “For such a time as this,” when very little time is left, these gifts are to be stirred up, brought to the surface, dusted off by the breath of His nostrils and are to be animated by the imbibing of His spirit. They are to be used for His perfect will to advance His kingdom, to uphold His kingdom, to make known and lift up the truth that has been thrown over the centuries to the ground, and trampled under religious doctrines, dogma and traditions.

It is time for the gifts of a remnant to be used, the “one new man,” (Ephesians 2:15) who are of one heart and one spirit. They will “contend as one man” for the uncompromised truth of Yahshua, the full counsel of Yahveh the Holy One of Israel, and the entire counsel of Scripture to be made manifest and to go forward. This remnant will not be afraid of the masses that oppose the truth for the sake of protecting their doctrines and traditions.

May these gifts in each and every one of us, that have been used or not used, that have been put there for “such a time as this” receive an anointing and come forth. There is no time for common use of anything that is for His good pleasure, it is to come forth now to be put on the altar and to say, “Here, I give you not only my life, but I give you every single gift.” Bring those gifts to the altar and say, “They are for you, Yahveh, let them be used, may they be invested into your kingdom.”

Whatever amount of talents we have is not the issue. The issue is what we do with ALL He has given us. He is not looking at how much we have, He is looking at what we have and what we are doing with it for His namesake and glory verses our glory, verses the world’s glory. What will you do in these last hours to redeem the time and to take all that is invested in you and to use it all for His all?

That is the question, whether you have one gift or you have ten gifts, He is looking at what is hidden in the ground that you refuse to use because you say, “He is “a hard task master” and I want to save up for myself.” Yahveh is looking at what you take and fully yield and put on His altar saying, “It is all yours and I am investing it in your kingdom where my treasures are in heaven not on this earth. I do not want anything hidden in this earth, I don’t want anything invested in this earth, I want to invest where the dividends will continue to multiply into all eternity.”

He will say, “Well done good and faithful servant come and share in your master’s joy” and good pleasure because you have taken the talents I have given you and invested them into My kingdom. But to the one who hordes, who takes his gift and hides it, ignores it, who spends it on earthly purposes instead of eternal purposes, away he will be sent by the dictates of the Holy One. Yahveh has great displeasure over the wickedness of those who refuse to take what has been given in their stewardship and invest it in His glorious kingdom. Hear with ears to hear what the spirit is saying in these last hours, “Don’t horde, bury, don’t in anyway keep what He has given you for yourself, for it will stand in condemnation and testify against you on the day He returns.