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Through our partnership with Project World Impact you can now donate your spare change in a hassle free way. Simply, the Swipe app acts as a digital spare change jar by rounding up your credit card purchases to the next dollar and automatically donating the change to It’s Midnight Ministries. Whether you buy a latte for $3.50 or a new TV for $525.50, the leftover $0.50 goes straight to the nonprofit. With Swipe, every purchase makes a difference for the Kingdom. Please see below for more on this fast and easy way to get involved. Thank you for your generous heart. May you be mightily blessed as you give unto the Almighty’s work, having the LORD give back to you in ways you can never comprehend or imagine!


How it Works


Video Tutorial

Only 3 Simple Steps

  1. Create an account HERE.

  2. Link your chosen debit or credit card.

  3. Shop as normal and watch your donations add up!

Where to Download

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Other Ways to Donate