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We are growing - thanks to our Heavenly Father - but we need your help to continue spreading the Bible’s mighty word of salvation, truth, and redemption. Indeed, the hour is late! The heartbeat of our Savior through this ministry is for the salvation and preparation of a holy people whose hearts are ready for our soon coming King and His righteous kingdom! If you share this same heartbeat, the below option gives you creative way to get involved in advancing the Almighty’s Kingdom. Thank you for your generous heart. May you be mightily blessed as you give unto his Kingdom, having the LORD give back to you in ways you can never comprehend or imagine!


How it Works

This donation method allows you to create your own fundraising event – whether it’s a birthday or 5k run. It’s totally up to your imagination to create the donation venue you’d like. From there, all proceeds will go towards advancing the Kingdom. This is a fun, creative, and engaging way to get involved helping to advance our ministry work.

Other Ways to Donate