Day 33: Blessed Are Those Who Fear My Name

- Day 33 -
Blessed Are Those Who Fear My Name

Malachi 4:2

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YAHveh (Lord), You are trying to turn me to the ways of obedience and righteousness. Only You can prepare me. HalleluYAH that You are working mightily giving me ears to hear what Your Spirit is saying. Oh, YAHveh, I am to look up and rejoice. I am not to be fearful of anything that is coming on this earth, only fearful of You, the One who can throw me into ever-lasting darkness. I pray that I will be waiting, watchful, wise, prepared and able to escape the judgments that are coming.

YAHveh, I am once again waking up from drowsiness. I am alert, and know that Your word is yes and so be it. I have come to ask You for help; I have come to ask You for wisdom, for it is more precious than anything this earth and its treasures therein have to offer. For the riches of Your glory are gained through wisdom. May it be given to me in abundant measure.

You delight to give wisdom to me, as long as I am not halfhearted and double minded. YAHveh, forgive me, because my affection has been divided like the foolish virgins. Give me wisdom to choose the things that have eternal value. Stir up a hunger, a thirst, and a passion in me so that I will desire more of You and be repulsed more and more by the things that used to entice me.

In the name and power and authority of YAHshua (Jesus) the Messiah, I pray that every stronghold of this world, every stronghold of Satan himself, every snare be broken, everything that fixes me to something in this world. I pray those shackles and chains would be broken on all the things that constrain me from running the race, from being wise and prepared. I agree it is by the power of YAHshua’s (Jesus’s) name and blood, and by the authority invested in Him, that the shackles from Satan himself are broken, and I, the captive, is set free.

May my blind eyes be opened and my deaf ears begin to hear more and more, and may I walk and run and leap for joy in YAHshua (Jesus), who is my strength. Set me free, Father. I pray You take whatever instrument is strong and ample enough to break the chains, the strongholds, and the shackles. Set this captive free, in the name of YAHshua! HalleluYAH!

Yahveh, Your promise is that “For those who fear Your name the sun of righteousness (Your Son my Savior) will rise with healing in its wings; and [I] will go forth and skip about like a calf from the stall” (Malachi 4:2). Thank You Yahveh You “always leads [me] in triumph in (Your Son YAHshua) Messiah” (2 Corinthians 2:14).