Day 56: From Strength to Strength

- Day 56 -
From Strength to Strength

Psalm 84:7

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His love never fails; He has done great things. Our inheritance is YAHveh. He told Israel “I am giving you an inheritance, you are going to be a priesthood” (see Numbers 18:20). He says that the priesthood would be a gift in and of itself. The gift on top of being a priest was YAHveh! That’s it! He is our reward, not the things of this earth.

The land flowing with milk and honey is the land where YAHveh establishes His throne, where the righteous will bow down and worship Him unto eternity. They will be the ones who had faith to make the journey, the ones who continued in their faith in spite of all the discouragement, alienation, rejection, persecution, trials, hardships, depressions, oppressions, despairs, and all the things that beset them. They kept moving. HalleluYAH!

He is fueling us by His Spirit so we can continue on this highway to Zion. (see Psalm 84:5)  Oh, He is strengthening our legs even now. Feel the strength, feel the strength to go on, to keep ascending His holy mountain in our weak knees and our feeble arms and hands. We can wield the sword of the Spirit and keep that shield of faith in front of us.

We will be strengthened, strengthened by the Holy One who strengthens us. We will go from strength to strength, glory to glory, victory to victory, faith to faith.

May every dark, poisonous pollutant that comes bubbling up, to make us loose faith be obliterated from our understanding—it is from the pit. With YAHveh all things are possible. Praise You, YAHshua, we can do all things through You. You are strengthening us even now. When we hold the shield of faith, it will be upheld by a strengthened hand—Yours!

The sword of the Spirit will be wielded by strong, courageous, faith-filled people whom He has called us to be and is making us to be. He will strengthen our knees and legs; He will shod our feet and gird our loins to go forth. This is our call. Our inheritance is not in this world—we are passing through to the Promised Land. YAHveh is the King of the Promised Land and our exceedingly great reward! Our sights are set on things above and not things below. Praise be to YAHveh who is causing us to triumph through YAHshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah)!