Day 40: Go My People & Enter your Rooms

- Day 40 -
Go My People & Enter your Rooms

Isaiah 26:20

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We must be a people who are in constant fellowship with our Commander-in-Chief because we have been redeemed for many purposes and one of those purposes is to be in His spiritual army, His battalion. We need to be in prayer to get our instructions from Him. He says “Come, my people, enter into your rooms and close your doors behind you; hide for a little while until [My] indignation runs its course” (Isaiah 26:20). To know the heart of a jealous holy God is to know that His righteous indignation is furiously stirred up against a world that has gone in rebellion against their Creator. Therefore the call is: close the door from everything that distracts you from developing that deep intimate communicating relationship with your Father and Savior.

To drive this vital point into our hearts and understanding even more, take heed of YAHveh’s words through Isaiah the prophet, “YAHveh spoke to me with mighty power and instructed me not to walk in the way of this people” (Isaiah 8:11). YAHveh is taking us by the nape of the neck and He is in essence saying, “Listen to Me; My hand is on you for good and not for evil. But if you continue in your ways, in going about your business when it is the close of the age and darkness is falling and destruction is coming, there is nothing I can do, for you will be under judgment with the rest who refuse to harken to My voice.”

As in the days of Egypt when YAHveh’s holy indignation became as a cup overflowing its brim, we have the prefiguring of the blood of the Lamb over the doorposts of the house to spare His people from the angel of death and destruction. This is the end of the age as we know it and we are working out our salvation through confessed sin in the presence of a Holy God. We must be sober minded, self controlled, and praying as we beat back our flesh. Through repentance our confessed sins will be forgiven and have the covering of the merciful Lamb’s atoning blood.

Repentance in the Hebrew is teshuva, not just repenting and being covered in the blood of the Lamb, but turning—making an about face—facing the Holy One in humble yielded obedience to go forth to do His will and not our own. This is the call of the hour, or else we will not be wise, but foolish. Like the foolish virgins (Matthew 25:1-13), we will not have what it takes when YAHshua (Jesus) comes. Our lamps will be half full, our wicks untrimmed; we will be unprepared. He is giving us a warning: you can still get oil for your lamps, you can still extinguish the sin from your life, and you can still extricate yourself and flee from every enticing element of this world and keep your ear tuned for your Bridegroom’s voice so that you are ready.

With YAHveh’s (the LORD’s) grace and mercy we are able to take an immovable stand for righteousness and truly be crucified to the desires of the flesh and to the worldly temptations. The world is crucified to us. It holds no more attraction and pull because we have such an overpowering love in the Spirit for our Savior and soon coming Bridegroom. This will put a damper on the continuing pampering and coddling of the flesh and its lusts in the private life and ultimately slay the enemy of our souls that draws us away into temptation, deception, and all that evil leads to in the sight of the Holy One.

As we grow in our relationship with YAHshua (Jesus) and our flesh is being crucified on the cross (the stake) in the Spirit, the resurrected life of YAHshua in us will have the power as never before to draw our family members and others we come in contact with to the true living resurrected Savior. We will continually be extending His love and invitation for eternal life in and through our words and deeds.