Day 90: Look Unto the Author & Finisher of Our Faith

- Day 90 -
Look Unto YAHshua, the Author and Finisher of Our Faith

Hebrews 12:2

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It is our Father’s desire, when He poured out YAHshua’s (Jesus’s) blood, that He would have those who would ascend His holy mountain (Psalm 24:3). There they would bring offerings of righteousness and worship Him in Spirit as new creations, in the Spirit and in the truth that had set them eternally free.

Let us thank our Father in heaven that though our enemy comes against us in one direction, he will have to flee in seven (Deuteronomy 28:7). YAHveh (the LORD) has an angelic entourage that encompasses each one of His called-out, chosen, separated sons and daughters of the kingdom. The enemy will flee because of the power of the arsenal of the warring angels that are accompanying us. They will ensure that the perfect pleasure and will of our King is accomplished through us, to His praise, honor, and glory. We will see the enemy, we will know his strategies, and we will see him defeated in front of our spiritual eyes. HalleluYAH!

YAHveh, will train us slowly lest we be tempted to touch His glory, to think for a moment there is something that we have done; something great that has been done through us. Our eyes are only to be fixed upon YAHshua, the glory and lifter of our heads (Psalm 3:3) and the Author and Finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2). And while they are fixed on Him, He will do great and mighty exploits (Daniel 11:32) through us—and all the glory will be purely given to Him.

Prayer: Thank You, Father, that You love me so much that You called, separated, and chose me to do wondrous, mighty works. Make me more and more spiritual like YAHshua (Jesus) Himself. May He freely live in and through me. May the old things that still cling to me and the things that I still cling to fall away, even now in the name of YAHshua. I want to lift up holy hands in YAHshua’s name.

As I lift up my hands, may You frisk and stripping me of whatever is clinging to me of this world. This world is darkness, this world is death and destruction. Please, strip away any affiliation to this world and to the inhabitants of this world. Strip it all away so I cling to You with all my being, as You lift me up so that there is nothing of the gravitational pull pulling me down. You are searching my heart and mind to get rid of my attitudes and everything that is earthbound. I pray those bondages to the earthly realm are being broken and disintegrated. HalleluYAH!