Be Prepared to Hear What the Spirit is Saying

Be Prepared to Hear What the Spirit is Saying

“Woe is Me, for I am Ruined! Because I am a Man of Unclean Lips…” Isaiah 6:5

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May YAHveh, GOD Almighty open your understanding in the spiritual realm beyond what you have seen before. May you peer into things that are hidden that He delights to reveal to you. May He open your ears that you will hear what the Spirit is saying to you personally. May He touch your eyes, touch your ears, set you free from encumbrances that hinder you from having your being in the Spirit. You are to live in His kingdom; may He magnify to you great and mighty things that you have not known. The things of this world are passing. All kingdoms will be swallowed up in the kingdom in which YAHveh is King.

The Holy One is preparing His remnant to do mighty exploits through their totally surrendered lives. Willingly dying to the flesh to live in the Spirit of Truth will bring discomfort, which is great because it brings a continued mortification of our flesh. This is the real walk, but very few want to go through the death pains. Do you really desire to obey our Master Yahshua (Jesus) and forsake everything and die completely to your fleshy nature? Will you go willingly to a martyr’s death, if need be, for the sake of your great King because you are of His kingdom and not of this world?

You are left here on earth to represent and reflect your Savior as He came to this world to represent and manifest YAHveh His Father. All who are born again, are new creations in the Spirit and are citizens of the heavenly kingdom. This is not your home down here on earth. His Spirit wants to live and love through you and speak the language of truth that will set people free and will glorify the King of Glory—the King of Righteousness, whose kingdom is the Home of Righteousness.

All the things that seem so important are only important as they come forth by the Spirit of Truth living in and through you. The Bible teaches you everything you need to know and it teaches you the language of truth. Isaiah saw YAHveh and said, “Woe is me, for I am ruined! Because I am a man of unclean lips…” (Isaiah 6:5), this is where we should be. Our mouths speak lies, by virtue of the fact that they do not come from the spirit they come from our carnal nature. How can you stand in the presence of a holy God who says you are going to have to give an account of every idle word you have spoken? An idle word is every meaningless word that does not line up to the Scripture and has no weight for eternal glory or purpose.



Father in Heaven, I lay my life upon Your altar, to be dead to what the entire world would try to offer, and alive in wholeheartedness to You, YAHshua (Jesus). This is a time of my consecration and commitment to You alone. I know I am not to get “re-involved in civilian affairs”. I am to keep my eyes upon the One who is the glory and lifter of my head, You my Commander-in-Chief. I will march in synchrony with Your all powerful leadership. YAHveh GOD You are faithful to cause me to triumph over my enemies. 

Thank You for helping me to die to my sinful carnal nature so that Your Spirit can live and speak through me. Forgive me for the ways I carelessly use my mouth. It is often unholy and I am a person of unclean lips. It doesn’t matter if I have never spoken a profanity, I understand it is the difference from that which is from Your Spirit and that which is from my flesh. I am asking You to help me learn to extract the precious from the worthless, not by my might or power but by Your Spirit, so I will speak according to Your word.

May I live and speak so that Your light, love, and truth will flood, as a river of life in and through me, to draw others to You and Your gift of salvation. I pray many will come out of the darkness to walk in the light of Your truth that will usher them on the “Highway of Holiness”. YAHshua (Jesus), I am wholeheartedly thankful and indebted for all You have done to sacrificially give Your life blood to cleanse away my sins and free me from eternal death. I pray You give me the grace and overcoming power of Your Spirit to diligently seek and do Your will according to Your Word. May I be found pure and blameless on that day I stand before You and hear You say, “Well done good and faithful servant.” Thank You for hearing my heart cry and answering my prayers. In Your Holy Name and service.