Consecrate Yourselves

Consecrate Yourselves
- Prayer for Consecration -

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Among those who approach YAHveh (the LORD) He said He would show Himself as Kadosh, Holy. Therefore I want to be holy, to be Kadosh. YAHveh I pray You sanctify me with the truth of Your word that I might be purified and made holy, Kadosh La Yod Hey Vav Hey, Holy to YAHveh.

“Father in heaven, I desire to draw near to You without my sins separating us, cleansed with Your blood, purified from within of everything that so easily besets me and everything that defiles Your spirit. YAHveh, Your eyes, search to and fro looking for vessels, temples in which Your spirit can dwell in mighty array. YAHveh (LORD), You have redeemed me as a living stone, to be jointly fit together, purified by YAHshua’s (Jesus’s) blood and built into a holy edifice, a holy temple, in which You will dwell by Your Spirit. HalleluYAH!

I welcome Your Ruach Ha Kodesh, Your Holy Spirit. How I welcome You, YAHshua (Jesus), I can do nothing apart from You. It is You I long to see. May I open up my gates, that You, the King of Glory, come in. You desire to purify me, that more of Your abiding presence will be granted to me. Cleanse my temple, holiness befits Your house. Cleanse me by the power of Your blood, by the power of Your spirit, through the sanctification of Your word. Open my ears to hear what Your spirit is saying. Blessed are the pure in heart. Only by Your spirit, only through hearts that are humble and tremble at Your word, only with repentance and the cleansing of Your blood, only then will my heart be pure and only then will I see You, YAHveh. You will not be a God who is far off because You intend to be an Elohim (God) who is near, near as my very breath. How I want that closeness. Let the passion that is required to burn as a zeal, as a fire in me that will consume everything that stands in the way of my intimacy with You, let that fire burn!

I am not to be seen or heard, but it is to be You, YAHshua Messiah (Jesus Christ), high and lifted up in me. Let all my flesh be brought low and let Your spirit, YAHshua be exalted. You are my heart’s desire, the craving of my heart as the deer pants for the water, oh, how I long for You, how I pant for You, how I strive to go through that narrow door into that narrow Highway of Holiness to make pilgrimage with You, the King of Kings. You are ushering me into Your eternal presence. HalleluYAH!

Mighty, mighty is the One who has called me and mighty is the One who sends His refiners fire. Holy is that fire because it will burn up that which is unholy that I will be made holy and acceptable to You. The offerings that I bring are not to be tainted, or profane, or common, or mixed with that which grieves You, they are to be offerings in righteousness which is Your due. All the powers of darkness that thwart and try to hinder Your power, his schemes are defeated, they are foiled and thwarted by You, YAHshua (Jesus). You are mighty to the tearing down of every stronghold, every stronghold will come down by Your power, HalleluYAH! Everything that rises up in pride and arrogance, in self righteousness, is coming down. Truth will be exalted. YAHshua (Jesus), You are truth, You are Spirit and You are life. You are the word and You will sanctify me.

YAHveh (LORD), cleanse my hands even now. May they be holy hands that are lifted high and surrendered to You, the King of Kings, You want me to be at Your beckon call that You might make me into an instrument through which You can be completely glorified. The world needs to see You, YAHshua (Jesus)! Give me wisdom, open up Your word to me. Father, fill my mouth as one eating that precious scroll of truth that I can digest it, and it go through my spiritual bloodstream and purify and cleanse me. I drink of Your blood, I eat of Your body, it is my food, it is my drink and I am strengthen by You, YAHshua (Jesus). You are my sustenance, holy are You, Kadosh are You, I am strengthen by the sustenance that comes from feasting on You, the Lamb of YAHveh.

You are my inheritance, You are my exceedingly great reward, You are the desire of my heart. Every knee shall bow, my knees even now, in humility are bowed before You as You are high and lifted up and Your train fills the temple. The angels cry “Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Holy, Holy, Holy is YAHveh (the LORD) Almighty and the whole earth is filled with Your glory. YAHveh You are the One who was and is and is to come! Ultimately every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess the truth, that YAHshua HaMashiach (the Messiah) is YAHveh, You are One, and the power of the blood of the Son makes me one with You the Father. It makes me one in the body, “one new man,” Jew and Gentle, a new creation, old things are gone, all things have become new through the sanctifying blood of YAHshua (Jesus). Praise be to You YAHshua the Lamb, praise be to Your glorious name. Praise be to Your blood that is on the mercy seat. Praise Your name that I am not left bereft, I am left with the riches of Your glory that comes through the power of Your blood, that transform me from glory to glory. Worthy are You YAHshua (Jesus), my precious beloved Lamb! I love You, I adore You, I magnify You, I bow my heart before You, I give my all to You, beloved of my life, my soon coming bridegroom who prepares me, His bride. You adorn me with the righteousness that befits You the Sonthe King of Glory.

YAHshua please remove all that is common, I need a cleansing before I can even have circumcised ears to hear what Your Spirit is saying. Holy One, search my heart, in the name and power of YAHshua (Jesus). You desire to set me apart. I pray, You will cleanse me of everything that is a hindrance to my hearing, that is a hindrance to my intimacy in Your presence. You will have a people who know You and love You with all their heart, all their soul, all their mind and all their strength, they will do Your will, not the will of man, not their will, not the will of religion or denominationalism. May Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. I pray to have a consecrated heart that seeks nothing for myself but lives for You. To You YAHveh, be the glory!

HalleluYAH, for Your blood that gives me entrance into the Holy of Holies, to stand in Your presenceYou are the King of Kings who is a consuming firewithout my sins condemning me. There I can be purified by that consuming fire and not destroyed. Oh, Your presence, may it fill me up to overflowing, that the reality of You leave the intellect and become a passion and drive within me. I ask for that passion to come into my heart that it will motivate me, consume me, drive me forward on that narrowing path of righteousness. Passion beyond that which I have ever known that will take religion and shatter it because it is a stumbling block. You want a relationship with Your bride to be a relationship with one who is so enthralled and impassioned with You that nothing stands in the way. That there be no adulterous looks in my heart and in my eyes. That the adulterous looks will be gone, that the idolatry and the lusts of the flesh and the pride of life are ripped away and righteous garments, befitting the King of glory, are given to me; adorning me, making me fit to enter into Your eternal glorious presence.

Not by my might can this be done, but by Your Spirit. I have no power, only do I boast in my weakness. I am weak but You are strong. I am weak but with the humility to acknowledge my weakness Your power is perfected. You will have a holy people. Nothing short of holiness is befitting You, the King of Glory. That which falls short of Your glory will not enter into Your presence, it will either be covered in the blood here and now through repentance or it will make a chasm and I will end up in an abyss far from You. I cannot push my way into Your presence. Therefore, I must be consecrated, HELP ME to be consecrated!

YAHveh show me those places, let the crooked places, and they are many in my life, let them be made straight. For holy is the One who says, ”MAKE STRAIGHT PATHS FOR THE COMING OF YAHVEH.” Let the high places, of pride and arrogance, let them come down by Your spirit. Holy are You! Worthy are you! You will have a place to reside within me as I seek You, not in my flesh, not with good sincere intentions, but by Your spirit, to worship You in Your truth, plumb line straight biblical truth.

You are preparing me, I choose to yield and submit and obey and not to disobey, stiffen my neck and find no place in Your eternal presence. You are sovereign. Your blood is on the mercy seat for me.“Who will not fear You, O YAHveh, and glorify Your name,” for the time of judgments to begin is at hand.

I recognize apart from You I can do nothing. I say, “Here I am, I am a (daughter/son) of unclean lips. Touch me Father, cleanse my heart, purify me from that which is false, deceptive, man tainted, polluted and distorted, that out of the abundance of my heart, through purified consecrated lips, I will speak only truth.” I know that no deceit is to be found in the mouths of those who enter Your eternal kingdom, the Messianic kingdom to come. I must know Your ways and walk in them. YAHveh, teach me, that there be no lip service, no distance in my heart, that there be no ritualism or vain worship of You. Teach me to walk in Your ways and to walk shoulder to shoulder with You. I want to be with You, “One day in Your courts is far better than a thousand days anywhere else,” and if I have anything that I long for that is more important than that I know I have something wrong with in my relationship to You and it must be corrected.

Mighty are You, at the close of this age, to give discernment and wisdom to those who desire at any cost to walk in the lightYour full council of truth. I pray You will correct the crooked places in me, that the simplicity and profundity of worshipping and adoring You will be the greatest desire and fulfillment of my heart.” In YAHshua’s Name, So be it.