Judgements Are Coming - Repent & You Will Be Saved

Judgements Are Coming But YAHveh Is Our King & He Will Save Us

- A Prayer of Repentance -

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Father, You will not tolerate much longer the transgressors of Your righteousness. Your Son’s blood has been poured out on my behalf that I might be cleansed. I have sinned and fallen short of Your righteousness, of Your glory. I ask You Father in heaven, to give me the gift of true sorrow in my heart that will cause me to repent, that will allow with liberality the cleansing through Your blood of my sins, that they not hamper me from coming into Your presence, now and into eternity.

Wash me Father from my thoughts that are carnal that are not Your thoughts, from the words I’ve spoken that do not line up to Your truth. From profane, common, and idle words that have been from the flesh, stimulated by the world, by the enemy, by my own angers, frustrations, and impurities. Wash my heart from my own selfish ambitions, from the lust of the eyes, things I’ve seen and listened to that are contrary to You, the cravings for the things of a world that is doomed. Cleanse me from all my cravings from huge to small that crowd out the craving and yearning for You.

I have grieved You, Yahveh (Lord), I have grieved You greatly. But, You call me to repentance, that Your mercy might be granted to me once again. In love, Yahshua’s (Jesus’s) blood poured out to cleanses me of my sins, that I might be holy to You, welcomed in Your presence, established as Your child, prepared as Your bride into all eternity. I pray You bring that spirit of repentance upon my heart, now.

The desires of my heart are the issues at hand. The desires of my heart are what You look at. Father in heaven, have mercy. May Your conviction be very very powerful, may it cut asunder all the cravings, all the pride, all the arrogance. May the crooked places in my life that cause me to veer from Your perfect will be made straight, because I truly repent. May I have the fear of You, Yahveh, the reverential fear of the One Who has proclaimed the beginning to the end, the One who has spelled out the days ahead that will bring the devastation of this earth and all the inhabitants thereof, except for a faithful few.

Father in heaven, I don’t want to be away from You for one day much less an eternity. I don’t want to reap destruction, have mercy on me. Sober me up, the intoxicants of this world are so powerful and so strong, very few can resist, only those anchored in Your word, only those anchored in Your presence, in Your spirit, only those who yearn for You as the deer pants for the water, who are filled with You, will be able to resist the powerful intoxicants. Like the germ warfare that is going to be released as part of the weapons of destruction, the enemy has released poisons of deceptions and intoxicants upon this earth. I breath it, I think it, I am carried away by these intoxicants. Free me Yahveh (Lord), cleanse me, help me to stay clear of these intoxicating influences that I not fall into a stupor and find myself far far away from the eternal rock of my salvation.

May You bring light upon my sins, may I see how I have grieved Your righteous Spirit. May I take stock of the motives, the desires of my heart, my ambitions, my agendas, my hopes and dreams and if it is not centered on You, Yahveh (Lord), convict me, that I might repent and have that cleansing now, I pray this in Yahshua’s (Jesus’s) name.

I don’t want to miss the wedding! I don’t want to be like the five foolish virgins, I want to be like the five wise virgins who are ready, purified, spotless, blameless, and holy to go in with Yahshua (Jesus). I don’t want to be outside those closed doors knocking and to hear Your voice say, “Away from Me you hypocrite, you evildoer, I don’t know who you are or where you come from because you do not do the will of My Father.” Have mercy Yahveh (Lord), have mercy, bring that conviction, bring that sorrow, bring that grief, bring that humility, crash in the pride and the self justification of my unrighteousness, humble me that You might lift me up in due time. Thank you Yahshua.

May I look at what You show me in my heart and in my mind and repent of it, for this is the day of salvation, may I work out my salvation before You with fear and trembling. I repent for Your kingdom is at hand! Forgive me, my heart cries out Yahveh (Lord) forgive me. Yahshua (Jesus) I have sinned, I have fallen short of Your glory, let not my heart miss this opportunity to be cleansed. Your blood is on the altar, I will not lightly esteem such a great salvation.

May I not be drawn away by the intoxicant of an enemy who stalks my soul until it will be destined without hope for damnation. For it will come, but the righteous are told it will be well for them and the righteousness from Yahshua’s cleansing blood is my hope. I repent of my unrighteousness, I repent of the grief I have caused You, Yahshua (Jesus). I repent of my stubbornness, my rebellion, my backsliding, my cravings, everything that is grievous. I repent for it now and in the days ahead I will stay close to You under the blood so that I will not have the fearful expectation of judgment to come, but the hope and joy unspeakable filled with the glory of the You, Who is coming, the righteous King.

Thank You for Your power in the blood, You are the Lamb, slain before the foundation of the earth on my behalf! Thank You for cleansing, thank You for purifying, thank You for washing away my sins as far as the east is from the west. May I not hold anything back, may I not hold on to secret sins in order to have them stored away for my own lust and my own pleasure. May everything in my life be put on the altar as a living sacrifice made holy and acceptable, I want it to be given to You, in return for all You have done for me. I do not want to withhold anything; You have withheld nothing from me. YAHshua (Jesus) You gave Your life and Your blood cries out on my behalf. I want to be holy because You are holy, and only those who are holy will see You and stand in Your eternal presence.

Thank You for the cleansing of my repentant heart and the power of Your blood. Into Your hands Yahveh (Lord) I commit my life, into Your hands I commit my family, into Your hands I commit my desires, into Your hands I commit my days, into Your hands I commit my all. I pray it be a wholehearted commitment and that I fight the good fight of faith against an enemy who wants to take me away from my commitment to righteousness for Your renown and namesake. Engrave it in my heart that I will live and I will die for Your name and renown because my hope is not on this earth, but it is with You and Your promises, which are yes and so be it, in Yahshua (Jesus).