Make Wise Choices

Make Wise Choices

“Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching”

(John 14:23 NIV)


Because of Noah’s choice, his children were obedient. They may not have heard YAHveh (the LORD), but they obeyed and received the reward for walking in obedience to the righteousness proclaimed by their father, who was in touch with YAHveh. “…So choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants [children], by loving YAHveh your Elohim (God), by obeying His voice, and by holding fast to Him [clinging to Him with every fiber of your being]; for this is your life…” (Deuteronomy 30:19-20).

If you choose something else to be your life, then you will have the wages of sin, which according to Romans 6:3 is death. YAHveh (the LORD) is your life. If that is not good enough for you, then you will have death: “This is your life…that you may live in the land which YAHveh swore to your fathers…” (Deuteronomy 30:20). He will give you eternal life. Heaven and earth are witnesses to each one of us, and YAHveh has set before us a choice, a free-will choice, and you have to choose. You will have to continually choose as you keep mastering sin that is crouching at your door like a demon wanting to master you. This is the way of YAHveh (the LORD). This is the way of the elect into eternity. There is no other way; this is it. There was no other place of refuge but the ark that Noah built through YAHveh’s Commandments and directions. There is no other way. He makes one way of escape, and then the door is closed.

Without faith it is impossible to please YAHveh. If you don’t believe He exists, then all of this is hogwash, just a story, a myth, and a fairy tale. That’s fine. You have chosen to believe the father of lies and turn the truth into a lie as the Scripture says in the New Testament (Romans 1:25). That is your choice; but remember, sin is crouching at the door, the devil is crouching at the door to deceive, to lie, to twist and distort the words of YAHveh (the LORD) and contend saying, “Did YAHveh really say that?” Choose YAHveh and His righteousness through YAHshua (Jesus), who longs to see you please and glorify His Father, just as He lived to please and glorify Him. YAHshua longs to have you be like Him and to walk in His ways, for only those who walk as YAHshua (Jesus) walked are truly of YAHshua. Heaven and earth are standing as witnesses; may we be in awe of that! They are hearing and observing what choices we make, because YAHveh has decreed blessings and curses, life or death, eternal success or eternal destruction. Build yourself an ark, make wise choices with what you do with your hands, your mind, your heart, with your whole life so that it is set, intently clinging and holding fast to YAHveh (the LORD). As long as Noah had to work and wait, it was a pittance of time compared to eternity.



I beseech You, YAHveh, in the name of YAHshua Messiah (Jesus Christ), that my ears will hear what Your Spirit is saying to me in these last hours. You word says, “Whoever has ears let them hear” (Matthew 11:15 NIV), and while I still have a little daylight, let me build and prepare for eternity for my offspring and myself. I know the hearing is not just in my ears, but it must go to my heart as well. I pray that You are circumcising my heart so that I will have circumcised ears to hear and a circumcised heart to listen and obey. YAHshua, You say, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching” (John 14:23 NIV). May I delight in that obedience as I cling to You and hold fast, because You are my life. Apart from You there is death, darkness, hopelessness, and destruction. Your word is Spirit, and it is life. YAHshua (Jesus), You are the Living Word, and You live in each one who has faith in You, Your atoning blood, and in the power of Your spirit to help them choose what will bring them eternal life; blessings for obedience.

I love You because You loved me and gave Your life for me that I might give my life for You and live in agreement now and in the days ahead to all eternity. Make me in agreement, that I not contend with Your word, YAHveh. I pray against every contentious spirit in my life, in the name of YAHshua (Jesus), every spirit that would contend with the word of YAHveh (the LORD), every spirit that is stubborn, that is arrogant and would rise up and say, “Did YAHveh really mean or say that?” I pray that I will take the strength You have given, by the power of Your Spirit, and that I will master sin that is crouching at the door. May I bring an acceptable offering in righteousness, that is pleasing to You, the King of Glory, who will receive nothing short of the best. May I have a heart that joyfully says, “I give You my life on the altar, take my life. Here am I, YAHveh (LORD), use me. Use me to be a vessel and witness of righteousness. Use me to honor and glorify Your name. Take all those places out of my heart, that there be nothing that is not in agreement with Your word. I know contending against You is really contending against my own well-being.”

Help me. Give me the power from on high that comes from within me, the power of the deposit of the Spirit. Unleash that power in me, that I will be able to choose what is right, what is a blessing, what is righteous, what is pleasing in Your sight. Give me that power. May the power be multiplied and released in me in the name of YAHshua (Jesus), that I can joyfully uphold all righteousness. Father in heaven, Your Commandments will not be burdensome if I love You with all of my heart. The release of my faith is the release of Your power to do what is impossible with me. Through You, I know it is possible! YAHveh (LORD), You are speaking, and my hearing goes so deeply that I am ready to turn to You with all of my heart. Thank You that You are profoundly working and manifesting Yourself personally to me. You are going to teach me to love You with all of my heart because a flint knife is in Your hand, and You say, “[I] will circumcise your heart and the heart of your [children] to love [Me] with all your heart and with all your soul, so that you may live” (Deuteronomy 30:6).

Do that, YAHveh (LORD). Circumcise my heart, circumcise the hearts of my children that we will all love You, with all and everything, and obey You and Your Commandments. I know Your word says, “Ask Me” because this is Your desire. So I ask according to Your will that You would circumcise my heart and the hearts of my children that we will truly love You with every fiber of our beings and cling and hold fast to You doing all that You command. I have this promised blessing, if my sins aren’t standing in the way.” So right now, in Your name YAHshua (Jesus), show me if there are any outstanding debts of unconfessed sins in my heart, may I let nothing block the way of my receiving what I have humbly asked for, in order to live victoriously now and with You into eternity. I acknowledge that You are my life and apart from You I can do nothing and apart from You there is nothing but death and destruction