Ready, Waiting, & Wise

Ready, Waiting, & Wise
- A Prayer of Rededication -

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Father in heaven, I know that if my heart is divided and I want to engage in the revelry, adultery and the love of the world, that I will be an enemy of Yours and I will not be ready and prepared

Your word is yes and so be it. I have come to ask You for help; I have come to ask You for wisdom. Father, You said, if any man asks for wisdom that You will give it. You are no respecter of persons.” The riches of Your glory are gained through wisdom. Father in heaven, give me a spirit of self-control, fresh power from above, power of Your Spirit that dwells with me as I come to rededicate my life to You. I am asking for new resources, new oil, to be poured from above, given to me that I might overcome and escape that which is coming on this earth.

Father in heaven, guard my heart against the love of this world. I confess it, I have many things that I love in this world and it is in conflict with Your word that says I am to love You alone, with all of my heart, soul, spirit, and might. Yahveh (LORD), forgive me, that my affection has been divided like the foolish virgins. Give me wisdom to chose that which is of eternal value. Stir up a hunger, a thirst, and a passion in my heart that I will desire more of You and be repulsed more and more by the things that use to tantalize me.

In the name and power and authority of Yahshua the Messiah, I pray that every stronghold of this world, every stronghold of Satan himself, every snare be broken, everything that fixes me to something in this world. I do not want to be constrained and kept from running the race, from being ready, wise and prepared for Your kingdom.

Cleanse me of everything that so easily taints and defiles me and keeps me wooed by the world, that keeps me in pagan revelry, the drunkenness of this life. Wake me up! Give me a sound mind, take the drunkenness and the stupor off. May I have clarity in my thoughts to know what is Your will and to do it. Thank You that Your mighty out-stretched arm goes before me. You Yahveh (LORD), go before me, You make a way where there is no way. You cause me to overcome, not by my might or power, but by Your Spirit.

Give me a heart that is so filled with the desire for eternal life and the joy to see and meet You Yahshua (Jesus), my bridegroom, that regardless of what is coming on this earth I will not fear but I will be ready, prepared and joyful because my hope is in You. You alone are able to present me pure and spotless and to keep me from falling again. To You be the glory and the power forever!

Thank you for the blood that washes my mind, washes my heart, washes my body, there is no condemnation for those who are in You. I have been cleansed through repentance, washed with Your blood, empowered now by Your Spirit to walk in wisdom and obedience. I seek Your will and desire to do it, with the help that You give me to overcome the flesh, and to become a wise virgin, waiting and ready and prepared for You, my precious Yahshua (Jesus), my soon coming beloved bridegroom.