When YAHshua Ascended He Gave Gifts to Men

When YAHshua Ascended He Gave Gifts to Men

Ephesians 4:8

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YAHshua is preparing a people for Himself, a people of faith, a people of righteousness, a people waiting for Him. They will do what pleases Him, using their gifts, their talents, their energies, and their life breath for what is of eternal purpose. They are led by His Spirit for the building up, advancement, and the restoration of His holy kingdom.

They will be the ones who walk in obedience and whose hearts have rich soil where He can deposit His pure seeds of truth. They will bear Him a bountiful harvest, a hundredfold of righteousness for His namesake and glory. They will praise and thank Him, for He is continually the focus of their attention. YAHveh (the LORD) desires to consume us with a passion for Him, one that is comparable to the passion He has for us. He will teach us to walk in His ways that we might delight His heart and He might rejoice over us.

“When [YAHshua] ascended on high… he gave gifts to men” (Ephesians 4:8). He invested in each one of us multiple gifts, talents, and resources, brought forth by the same Spirit. Each part of body is as important as the other, supplying what is lacking for the fullness of YAHshua’s born again, supernaturally created, spirit filled body to be made manifest on this earth. YAHshua (Jesus) said, "sacrifice and offering you have not desired, but a body you have prepared for me” (Hebrews 10:5).  Before the foundations of the earth YAHveh prepared a people to be born, saved through faith, and to live as supernatural creations. This remnant of obedient, humble, blood washed, faithful servants of our King are the true body that has been redeemed over which YAHshua is the head.  Each ligament is taking their messages via the headship of YAHshua—bringing us all into unity and one accord with the head and His expressed will through His word.

The indwelling Holy Spirit is so jealous for our redeemed born again spirits.  He directs and teaches us to grow up into bearing the identity of our Savior and the attesting fruits of His Spirit magnified in and through our lives and our words and deeds to the glory of His Father. At this critical juncture at the conclusion of this age before our King’s return, the Spirit is advising us much as a wise stock broker saying, “Do not store up for yourself treasures on this shaking earth that is about to be demolished and crash, it is absolutely not a good investment, you are going to loose it all.  Prayerfully assess your gifts, gather them and put them in the sound stocks of righteousness in the heavenly kingdom where moth and rust cannot destroy, and where thieves cannot break in and steal (Matthew 6:19) where utter catastrophes and the coming judgments will not destroy them.”  He is advising us to get our gifts into that which is eternal where our dividends will multiple and parlay into all eternity.

By the power of His Spirit, “I pray for the stirring up of our lives and the gifts within.” May these gifts in each and every one of us be stirred up, gifts that have been used or not used, but have been deposited in us for “such a time as this.” May we receive a fresh infilling and empowering by His Spirit to use our lives and the gifts therein for the advancement of His kingdom, His holy and noble purposes, and for His praise, honor, and glory.

Our Savior is beseeching us to bring our life and our gifts to Him and say, “They are for You, YAHveh (LORD). Let them be used and invested into Your kingdom by the power of Your Spirit leading and guiding us.”  Our Father is not looking at how much we have He is looking at what we have and what we are doing with it for His namesake and glory versus our glory and the world’s glory. What will you do in these last days and hours to redeem the time and to take all that is invested in you and to use it all for His all?

Where are you going to sow? By what are you going to sow? His Spirit will look at all these gifts and again say, “I know what to do with them. I know how to invest them. Let Me lead you by My power to invest them wisely by the guidance of My Father.” Faith takes your gifts and uses them for the righteousness of YAHveh so that He may be known through your righteous acts, deeds, and words.  Religious works that are led by the flesh and not by the Spirit of the Righteous One they are completely opposite.

YAHveh (the LORD) has great displeasure over the wickedness of those who refuse to take what has been entrusted to their stewardship for investment in His glorious kingdom. Hear with ears to hear what the Spirit is saying in these last days. “Don’t horde or bury, don’t in anyway keep what He has given you for yourself, for it will stand in condemnation and testify against you on the day He returns” (see James 5:3).

YAHveh is going to use a remnant. He is going to use their gifts, if they are willing and obedient. If you are faithful with a little, He will give you more. If your gift is lying dormant because you refuse to use it for His glory, He says what you have He will take away from you and give it to the one who has because they are faithful, wise stewards (see Matthew 25:28-29). This is YAHveh’s way, not ours, which is so much higher than our carnal fleshy mindsets of selfish ambitions and earthly inclinations.

Prayer:  Father in heaven, I lift up my life and all the gifts You have given me.  The all in all must be You YAHshua (Jesus) in me.  Take all the gifts You have birthed in me and fill them with Your Spirit that I be faithful to use everything for Your praise, honor, glory, and kingdom.  Anything that I have hoarded for myself or buried in the earthly realm please reveal it to me so I can wholeheartedly unearth it and invest it with Your wisdom into Your kingdom. Please help me to not be found hoarding that which belongs to You. Forgive me for robbing You of the dividends of praise, honor, glory, and the souls of men that my life and its gifts were meant to touch and help bring into Your kingdom.  Please pour out Your Spirit afresh upon me and give me Your heart and power to spend my life and gifts wisely redeeming the time that is left.  Open my eyes so that I see and hear what Your specific instructions and directions are.  May I not be found lacking in fulfilling Your perfect will and good pleasure, in the name of YAHshua.  My King, with everything in me, I long to hear You say, “Well done My good and faithful servant come and share in your Father’s eternal joy.” (see Matthew 25:21)